Lion Academy Trust

Lion Academy Trust

The Lion Academy Trust is a charitable trust of 11 primary-phase schools based in the United Kingdom – delivering the highest quality education to over 4,500 pupils across diverse and globally representative communities. With over 48 languages spoken in our schools and children and families from all corners of the world, the Lion Academy Trust represents a modern and inclusive model of education that meets and exceeds the needs of children aged 2-11 – from the most able and talented, to those requiring additional support to access an education in a mainstream setting.

Formed in 2012 as a response to the challenges of providing outstanding education in the state sector in England, the Trust has developed a proven, validated pedagogy called Assessment Proficiency – whereby pupils are placed at the centre of their learning journeys and are empowered through the Lion Pathways Curriculum to experience a deep and broad education across 11 core subjects. We prioritise the development of learners with crucial skills and values that are universally required – collaborative, evaluative, inclusive and inquisitive pupils with the tools and personal attributes to succeed against a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Through our school organisation structures, the Trust has reduced teacher workloads, expanded non-contact time to allow for dedicated professional development and practice enrichment – to ensure that pupils receive the quality of education they deserve.

Given the wide range of settings we operate – from nurseries catering to those children at the very start of the educational journey through to those pupils about to embark on the secondary phase of learning, our operational models and curriculum product have been vetted and tested by the education regulator and found to be of the highest standards nationally.

The Trust has pioneered the use and development of the Google suite of tools and technologies to support curriculum and content delivery in every setting – and invests in high volumes of age-appropriate devices from nursery through to year six to ensure that pupils have a commonly high-performing, readily accessible suite of tools to drive their learning forward.

The Trust is represented at the 2nd Saudi EduTech Conference by:

The Trust is looking to meet leaders of education systems, international school service providers and practitioners from across the MENA region who are interested in deploying new approaches in the primary phase to differentiate their offer locally and where synergies in ambition, expectations for pupils and the drive to be outstanding are clearly in place.

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