Terency Brady

Terency Brady

Terency Brady

Senior Principal

MisK Schools

Dr Terence Brady joined Misk Schools in Riyadh in August 2019 as senior principal and Misk innovative curriculum development lead.

Terence is an experienced teacher, middle and senior school leader with over 22 years’ experience in education.

Terence has worked in several parts of the world including, Ireland, UK, Italy, USA, China, Africa and the Middle East. He holds graduate and postgraduate degrees in education, Humanities and school management.

Terence is a Research Scholar / Fellow with the Farmington Institute, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford. His research areas included; educational review, curriculum studies and learner-centered pedagogies.

Terence is a member of numerous multi-disciplinary working groups and scholarship groups. He is a registered Educational Consultant, has an International Certificate in Education Management from Harvard University and an Executive Management Certificate for Oxford University.

He says: “I am wholly committed to inclusion in education. By putting learners at the center of the curriculum, we maximize flexible differentiation strategies and ensure no learner gets left behind.”